Marvels Guardians of The Galaxy The Telltale Game Series Episode 1

Telltale Games episodic formula has been very popular since their 2012 success with The Walking Dead, and now they have had a turn at Marvel Comics band of dysfunctional superheroes. But does it work out?

Let’s face it. The Guardians of The Galaxy has by many been considered the highlight of The Marvel CInematic Universe. The 2014 movie was an instant hit and a long expected sequel is coming out already in a week.

Telltales Games are not for everyone. Their way of telling stories are very unique, and the games fit best for people who love good interactive storytelling

Guardians of the Galaxy has everything a episodic game needs to be good. Cheesy humour. Great cast of characters and plenty of stories to tell. You get the chance to play around with some of Star Lords gadgets, but as with previous Telltale games most of the puzzles are quite obvious from the beginning. Telltale continues to mix quick-time events with a lot of dialouge.

So. Now we need to get a little spoilerish and talk about the story here. Our heroes are chasing Thanos to an abandoned Kree factory and the big baddie is hunting for an artifact called The Eternity Forge, and after they somehow manage to kill Thanos conflicts begin in good old Guardians of The Galaxy fashion when they manage to lose the artifact and argue on what to do with Thanos corpse.

Rocket is the character responsible for most of the humour in this first episode, and seeing how far we can push certain characters are very fun, and some of the dialouge manage to capture the true spirit of the Guardians. It is clear that Star Lord has a big thing for Gamora, but you can also go the other way and see how much you can annoy her by agreeing with Rocket and in the middle we have the tree everyone loves with his signature “I Am Groot”

Performance-wise this is one of the most impressive projects Telltale has managed to do. Batman was terrible on my Xbox One, but this game runs pretty smoothly. I can hardly see any framerate drops and the art style looks very good.

And of course the music is worth mentioning. With licensing rights to Guardians of The Galaxy of course there is a great soundtrack. and the music manages to capture the Guardians of The Galaxy atmosphere. All in all the new art style is very good, and it manages to capture the quirky and weird that is Marvels most disfunctional band of heroes.

Overall Episode 1: Tangled Up In Blue serves as an interesting start to what may be Telltales greatest serie since The Wolf Among Us. It is fun, it is weird and it is kind of dysfunctional. It is exactly what Guardians of the Galaxy should be and I am curious to see where Telltale is planning on taking it from here.

SCORE: 7/10



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